HSG: Shot Shell Pouch / Tray

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Shot Shell Tray V2
The new HSGI® Shot Shell Tray design consists of two hook-backed, rubberized-nylon web platforms with five shell slots. An additional MOLLE platform is included.
  • Rubberized webbing loops will hold five 12-gauge shotgun shells on each tray
  • Loop-backed MOLLE panel offers compatibility with PALS platforms
  • Can be attached to any loop fastener surface
Dimensions: 2.5”L x 2.5”W x 5”H, .22 lbs
Metric: 6.35cm x 6.35cm x 12.7cm, 99.79 g

Shot Shell Pouch
Our traditional Shot Shell Pouch is constructed with durable heavy-duty nylon and securely holds 12 shells of nearly any gauge internally with woven elastic.
  • Features an exterior loop fastener panel to attach an additional five shells using one of our Shot Shell Trays (sold separately)
  • Available in Velcro® One-Wrap® and Adaptable Belt Mount attachment options
Dimensions: 6.5”L x 2”W x 3.75”H, .25 lbs
Metric: 16.5cm x 5.08cm x 9.53cm, 106 g

Covered by HSGI's® Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA.

High Speed Gear’s® new Adaptable Belt Mount (ABM) attachment format offers a sturdier alternative for mounting to belts. This attachment method uses a strip of durable, vinyl-backed, heavy-duty nylon laminate and reliable snap closure to create a belt loop. Two laser-cut slits enable the user to thread the loop smaller or larger for 1.5”-1.75” belts or 1.75”-2” belts, respectively. The inside of this fashioned belt loop features a patch of hook designed to match up with the interior loop of our rigger belts to lock the pouch in the desired position on your belt.