HG 730 Modular Pack

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You customize your chest-rig. Why wouldn’t you customize your assault ruck?

The HG730 is a totally modular ruck with a flexed internal frame specifically designed to be worn over body armor to give you additional and accessible real estate to carry manpack radios, 20-watt amps, breaching tools, rockets, water, batteries, extra mags, tons of 40 mike-mike, quick-access med gear, and more machine gun bullets than you’ll ever need. And, just like your chest-rig, the HG730 keeps it all organized and instantly accessible.

Additional Features:
  • Cable routing zippered shoulder straps collect the clutter of hydration hoses and communication wires to prevent you from getting snagged when dismounting a vehicle or a helo.
  • A vertically-oriented internal hydration pocket accepts most 2 to 3 Liter hydration bladders without bulging into your back plate
  • A Modular pistol belt distributes the weight from the ruck comfortably to your hips

And as your mission responsibilities change, this pack can evolve into anything from a slick JTAC rig to a super-versatile Breacher Backpack.

Additional Features/Specs

  • Flexed Internal Frame for Body Armor Wear
  • Modular Panel
  • Hydration Pocket holds 2-3 Liter Bladders
  • Cable Routing Zippered Shoulder Straps
  • Weight Distributing Pistol Belt