HDAM Cobra, Wide Grid

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HDAM (Heavy Duty A-TACS Mesh) Cobra
The HDAM Cobra is no different than the other Cobra ghillies with its construction except that the base fabric is made out of Heavy Duty A-TACS Mesh in either AU (arid/urban) or FG (foliage green) camo patterns. The HDAM is an ultra strong and durable mesh. In fact, it's the strongest mesh or fabric we have to offer. It is also a little more flexible than MCM when new. It's a little softer to the touch than MCM. Like MCM the mesh holes are a bit smaller in comparison to light duty tactical mesh or spyder mesh; thus, making the ghillie a bit heavier. But if you are looking strictly for a ghillie with superior strength and durability, then the HDAM is the by far the best option.