HatPoint: Target Stand

Item Number: HPT HP-001
Your Price: $39.99

HatPoint Target Company designed, patented and manufactures a tough polymer target stand that is easy to use, lightweight, stackable, portable and “Made in the USA”. Our tough polymer target stand doesn’t beat up your hands, clothing, shooting gear, damage vehicles upholstery or pickup bed. Stores easy in the range storage shed, tactical mobile trailer, home garage or vehicle. If you have experienced lugging around, setting up, transporting, storing heavy, bulky, rusty, splintering, shattering, sharp edged, wood, metal or PVC target stands in your shooting discipline whether at the range or afield and invested time and money to build, repair target stands made out of wood, metal or PVC the HatPoint Target stand is a great choice. HatPoint Target stands are used across many different shooting disciplines – Law Enforcement, Military Ranges, FirearmsTraining, Competition Shooting Sports, Gun Ranges and Sportsman.

  • Easy setup of targets, shoot / no-shoot scenarios, tactical barriers, and shoot through ports. (see gallery)
  • Holds multiple sized paper targets on one stand with no mechanical adjustment.
  • Just move the vertical uprights to gain correct target width.
  • Vertical sticks are held securely with our patented design. No more shimming or thumb screws required to hold vertical uprights secure.
  • You can easily move our target stand and target setup as one unit when setting up or changing field of fire.
  • When errant round finds our polymer target stand you can still remove stick, reinsert a new stick and keep in operation. Better then wood, metal and PVC.
  • Our polymer target stand was designed to take many errant rounds before function is lost.
  • Made in the USA

6"H x 6"W x 36"D