Grip Pod Systems: Grip Pod V2

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Grip Pod is incredibly proud to introduce it’s newest enhanced line. With a new, improved ergonomic grip design, the latest Grip Pods are now better than ever. Available in both standard and quick release, this new line consists of the upgraded “02” model and the “SAW” model, now referred to as “V2” and “V2AL” respectively. The Grip Pod V2 was designed with the shooter in mind. The handle has been reshaped for a more ergonomic fit. Smaller ribs remain on the back and front of the handle and gripping panels were added to both sides of the new version to improve the overall grip. The transition from the attaching mechanism at the top of the Grip Pod to the handle was also tapered to allow for a smoother feel and a better grip. The internal components of the Grip Pod were also redesigned to increase the strength of the legs at deployment.

Same quality, durability, and strength. New look and feel.

Available Models:
  • GPS-V2 Upgraded 02 - Military Model, Hardened Polymer construction, hardened polymer coated stainless steel legs.
  • GPS-V2-AL Upgraded SAW - Aluminum Leg Model. Hardened Polymer case, Aluminum encapsulation ring , Aluminum legs.

Grip Pod Deployment Video