GG&G Sling Thing for Dovetails (Rail Mounted Sling Swivel)

Item Number: GGG 1203
Your Price: $41.00
As the use of the tactical forearm, such as the GG&G Modular Tactical Free Floating Forearm has become more prevalent by special operations personnel and law enforcement SWAT teams, the need to easily mount a tactical rifle sling to the dovetail rails of the tactical forearm has become necessary. It was for this reason that GG&G developed a Sling Thing specifically for dovetail applications. Although it is now generally accepted that a military rifle sling should be mounted on the side of the weapon, ancillary equipment mounted on the sides of the tactical forearms make this difficult or impossible to do.

The GG&G Sling Thing For Dovetails provides the flexibility to mount the front sling attachment anywhere on the tactical forearm rails that meet the mission requirement. As with all of our "Sling Things", this addition to the product line provides a lightweight, durable, easy-to-install and inexpensive method for front sling attachment. The Sling Thing uses a 1 1/4-inch sling swivel, and is manufactured from tough 7075 billet aluminum that has been Type III hard-coat anodized in a matte black mil-spec finish

Sling Things are made in the USA by GG&G at our Tucson factory. Even though a small item like a rifle attachment could be made almost anywhere, our dovetail mounted combat sling adapter has to function perfectly with your equipment and our other accessories. In recent years tactical shooters have come to understand the value of different sling mounting scenarios. Soldiers prefer M16 and M4 combat rifle sling mountings that allow for "hands free" carrying that can switch to "on target" in the fraction of a second, then back down for secondary weapon use. Police and SWAT units may not be carrying their rifles full-time, but intense situations call for the accuracy and deterrence, both of which a sling can help supply. Even civilian and competition shooters with AR-15 rifles often use an AR 15 sling for better shot control and range. The Sling Thing helps provide all of these functions, and for that reason we use the same quality controls that we follow for all of our products and accessories.