GG&G Quick Detach Sling Thing For Dovetails (Quick Detach Sling Swivel for Rail Systems)

Item Number: GGG 1271HD
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With the QD Sling Thing, you can quickly unsling your AR-15, M-16, or M4 rifle by using a dovetail sling mount with quick detach capabilities. As the use of tactical forearms such as the full line of GG&G Modular Tactical Forearms have become more prevalent by special operations personnel and law enforcement SWAT teams, the need to easily mount a sling to the dovetail rails of the tactical forearm has become necessary. It was for this reason that GG&G developed a Sling Thing specifically for dovetail applications. We have been advised by our tactical advisors that there are mission requirements that require the sling to be quickly detached from the weapon.

In response to that need we have developed the Quick Detach Sling Thing For Dovetails. The Sling Thing is a rail sling adapter that provides the flexibility of quickly detaching the sling by the use of a rugged 1 1/4" QD sling swivel which is included in the package. When coupled with the GG&G QD Rear Sling Thing, the sling can be quickly removed from the weapon. The side mount sling swivel provides the flexibility to mount the front sling attachment anywhere on the tactical forearm rails that meet the mission requirement. This dovetail mounting capability means you can choose between side mount sling swivel or top mounted convenience. As with all of our "Sling Things", this side sling mount provides a lightweight, durable, easy-to-install and inexpensive method for front sling attachment. It is manufactured from tough 7075 billet aluminum, alloy and is Type III black hard-coat anodized per mil-spec.