FDAC 308 175gr (METERS)

Item Number: ACTS MFOS-175 MIL
Your Price: $49.95

The Field Density Altitude Compensator (FDAC)  


Compute a firing solution and hit your target in a fraction of the time needed to operate any ballistic computer in a field environment! This product measures in meters.

  • Trajectory and windage solutions equal to modern ballistic computers  
  • Non-tech! No batteries, extremely durable, incredibly small and lightweight  
  • Firing solutions for a wide range of density attitude (-3,000’ to +10,000’)  
  • Extremely accurate density altitude calculation table  
  • All firing solutions are based on the modern G7 drag model  
  • User adjustable muzzle velocity  
  • Marked sound barrier crossing for extreme range targets  
  • Designed for use with all MOA and MRAD adjusting optics

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