Each bundle of jute, dreadlocks, moss hair or pine grass weighs about 1 lb each and each strand of fiber within one bundle is about 30" inches long. A bundle of the colored stalk grass weighs 1/3 a pound but covers just as much as the other fibers. The strands are around 40" inches in length. The 'original' stalk grass bundle weighs about 2 lbs (equivalent to 5 bundles/ condensed). These fibers are high quality and have good to excellent tensile strength. Click on product for more details about that particular fiber.
1/2 bundle = covers 1 Hood or Sniper Boonie Hat
1 bundle = covers 1 Leg Chaps
1 bundle = covers 1 Viper Backdrape
1 bundle = covers 1 Viper
2 bundles = covers 1 Cobra (body and hood)
3 bundles = covers 1 Mamba (trousers, blouse)