Federal Premium Tactical 12GA 1oz Slug

Item Number: AMMO LE127RS
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Amazing accuracy for smoothbore shotguns can now be found with Federal Premium® Law Enforcement. The Tactical® TruBall® Rifled Slug ushers in a new generation of rifled slug systems and provides the confidence you need in standard police shotguns. Utilizing the unique TruBall system, we’re able to lock the components together, centering the slug in the barrel. This system promotes clean separation of components after muzzle exit to ensure greater down-range accuracy. 5 Shotshells per box. 


Part Number: LEB127 RS
Slug Type: TRUBALL® Rifled Slug
Gauge: 12
Shell Length (Inches/MM): 2 3/4 / 70
Slug Weight (Ounces/Grains): 1 / 438
Test Barrel Length in Inches: 30
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.07