FDAC Removable Data Stickers

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Designed to save you time at the range and to make your FDAC even more versatile! If you forget your data book, or if you don’t want to open it up and write in it at the range, you can write on this and transfer the data at a later time. And, these stickers are removable!

    • Made out of Solid Color Static Cling (the same material used on an oil change sticker for windshields)
    • Sticks very well to the FDAC (even when wet), if you apply it in the wind it can’t stick to itself and drive you crazy
    • Removes without tearing or leaving any sticky residue on the FDAC
    • Re-Useable! Can be written on and erased with a pencil
    • You could even laminate these and velcro them to the FDAC and write on them with a mapping pen
Basic Data Collection Sticker (Removable & Reusable):
This sticker will allow the user to write down the range to the target, the elevation and windage adjustments needed to engage the target, and a simple call / plot section to record shot calls and actual shot impact locations. If you have multiple targets to engage, or you’re covering multiple target reference points from one position, simply pre-calculate all of your firing solutions with the FDAC and fill in the Range, Elevation, and Windage boxes in order to save time.
Basic Range Card Sticker (Removable & Reusable):
This is a simple range card that has been left very uncluttered for you to fill in as necessary.
Angle Cosine Sticker (Removable & Reusable):

If you’re familiar with the Slope Doper or the Angle Cosine Indicator, this sticker provides the same degree of utility. Simply apply the sticker and tie a string with a small weight through the hole at the apex of the angle, and read the angle or cosine as the FDAC is tilted along your firing axis.
Blank Sticker (Removable & Reusable):
Purposely made completely blank for whatever notes you may need to take while at the range.
MultiPack (Removable & Reusable):

Includes 3 Basic Data, 3 Range Card, 2 Angle/Cosine, and 2 Blank Sketch Data Stickers

  • Length: 3.5”, Width: 3”
  • Material: Solid Color Static Cling, matte surface, erasable with a pencil
  • Color: Tan
  • Designs: Basic Data Collection, Basic Range Card, Angle/Cosine, Blank

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