Eberlestock M11 Stealth Rifle Chassis

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Rem 700 Short / Long Action:
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The Stealth Chassis System includes:
  • Chassis with all fitments including forestock, cheek rest, Magpul grip, and butt plate.
  • One 5-round magazine (Accuracy International AICS Classic mags used for Model 700 chassis).
  • One set of action screws
This premium, state-of-the-art rifle stock is designed to get maximum performance out of both rifle and marksman.  It takes full advantage of modern engineering, design, and manufacturing technologies, resulting in a level of precision that nears perfection. 
We believe that the rifle stock is one of the most important components of a firearm.  A stock with the right geometry, the right ergonomics, and precisely made parts in the right places, combined with a good quality commercial-off-the-shelf rifle, can give exceptional performance.  Given the level of quality and reliability that are found in the rifles produced by today's firearms industry, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a custom rig in order to obtain a highly accurate precision rifle.  Our test rifles are all over-the-counter guns, and when shot with factory loads out of the Stealth Chassis they all shoot half-minute groups.  We don't attribute all of this performance to the Stealth Chassis system, but we certainly have taken a good measure of error out of the equation.  So, now you have the four main components of an accurate firearm readily available to you: quality commercial rifles, premium optics, excellent factory load ammunition, linked to the marksman with the fourth component, the Stealth Chassis.  We believe that the M11 provides you with the perfect man-to-machine interface.  And of course, it needn't be said that this chassis is also meant to bring a custom rifle up to its full level of capability.
Your Stealth Chassis can be configured in several ways, to allow you to choose the version that meets your preferences.  Options include folding or fixed stock, solid or perforated forestock, and long or short action.  If you like the clean look of the solid "Slick" forestock, but want the option of adding Picatinny rails, you can use our proprietary clamp system.  Or, if you want to set up your rig with fixed components that you'll always leave in place, you can choose the perforated forestock with bolt-on rails. Or if you prefer the look of the perforated stock but want to easily be able to slide components on and off, choose the perforated forestock with the clamp system.
We make no apology that this chassis is not for everyone.  Simply put, it is what it was meant to be; it is simple yet sophisticated.  Cut out of billets of aluminum, we achieve great accuracy through a considerable amount of time spent by each and every part on state-of-the-art milling machines, cut to exacting tolerances.  Materials and components are appropriately chosen for their role in the overall structure, and all aluminum parts are finished in hard anodized field colors.  So we invite you to compare this to a fine sports car, or to a high-end optic.  Study the number of parts and their level of refinement, and you will see that the Stealth is offered at a fair price and provides a good value.
Our focus is on simplicity, reliability, and accuracy, with just the right features to give you a versatile platform and an excellent interface with your rifle.  Eberlestock has been at work on this project since the early 2000's, when we developed one of the industry's first modular chassis systems.  We now think that its time has come.
Patents pending.
  1. The Stealth Chassis is designed as a bolt-on accessory to match standard barreled actions. If you do not see your action listed as an option, we do not currently offer it.
  2. We do not do custom work at this time.
  3. We do not sell complete rifles at this time (firearms are not included with the purchase of a chassis). 
  4. Rifle parts, including the Stealth Chassis, are not available for export at this time. US domestic shipping addresses only.
  5. .075" minimum clearance is required from the bottom of your scope objective to the barrel for installing the forestock.
  6. 56mm and larger scope objectives will probably require "High" scope rings (depending on your bases).

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