Eberlestock: F52 Jackhammer Pack w/ Frame

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The F52 Jackhammer is scaled to the original ALICE frame, which was distinguished by its ideal size as a base for a military pack. Using the frame as a core structure, we developed an entirely new style of pack that has amazing utility and versatility.  With its compact size, it incorporates features and qualities that have made Eberlestock packs famous.  Featuring Eberlestock's innovative Intex-II frame, it has the benefits of body contour fitting ergonomics, closer-to-body load carriage, and a bottom cargo shelf. The Intex II provides stability and load bearing strength, in an intelligently designed package. Because the frame is fully wrapped in the structure of the pack, we've eliminated frame noise and have built an exceptionally comfortable and well ventilated pack. The F52 is a great stand-alone pack, with ample 3-day-class storage and two pockets sized for 70oz / 2-liter hydration bladders (sold separately). It features an articulating back wall, with a tunnel for installing the Eberlestock scabbard accessory of your choice.  Another recommended accessory is the LP1 Fanny-Top, which fits neatly to the top and adds a go-bag to the system.


  • 500 denier nylon exterior with 1000 denier wear points.
  • Total Volume: 2,700 c.i.
  • Weight: 9 lbs 6 oz
  • Dimensions main bag: 21"h x 13"w x 8"d

Please Note: Because the F52s Intex II is made to fit the footprint of the ALICE frame, its wider than our other styles, and it is not interchangeable with the AG2 Gossamer frames.

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