Eberlestock: F2 Transformer Pack

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The Transformer complements our F1 Mainframe pack. Its a lightweight, versatile pack that can stand alone or can be piggy-backed on the Mainframe. With a full-featured layout that includes both top and front access, and two full-depth side pockets, the Transformer is made to appeal to those who are looking for Eberlestock quality combined with stripped-down, minimalist weight savings -- while maintaining just enough functionality to stand as a great all-around pack.

When using the Transformer as a stand-alone pack, we recommend adding our AGIF "Endo" frame, which attaches to the interior back wall of the pack via small Velcro keeper-straps. You can also add one of our hip-belts, or use the one off of the Mainframe if you're using the packs as a set. This is a straightforward and versatile system with a unique and practical kind of modularity. You can build the pack that best suits your needs, or a system that allows you to pick-and-choose based on the demands of the moment, with each option providing a seamless functionality.


  • (6) Side compression straps. When combined with the Mainframe pack these straps will compress and hold quarters, duffels, and any other gear you need to carry.
  • Long side pockets. Big enough to hold 3L hydration systems and spotting scopes.
  • Front compression straps.Weight: 4 lbs, 4 oz 


  • Total Volume: 2,300 c.i.
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22"h x 11"w x 7"d