Eberlestock Accessory Straps / Cordage / Tether

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38mm x 12" Extend Straps
Set of three compression strap extenders. These will work on any Eberlestock pack with 38mm Dual Stealth buckles. Use them to get a little more reach around massive loads. For example, if you really jam-pack a J-type pack and have fully stuffed Super Spike Duffel mounted to the outside, you'll probably want these extension straps! Available in Dry Earth only, to match the trim on all of our newer hunting packs, and many of our tactical packs.

Accessory Straps: 1" x 36"

36" long accessory straps can be routed through the Padlock webbing on our packs, to be used to lash on external gear. They are also useful for auxiliary compression straps, and can be used to extend the length of any of our straps equipped with 25mm side-release Stealth or M/HD buckles. So, for example, you can extend the main vertical compression straps on packs equipped with 25mm vertical straps. Available only in Dry Earth color, to match the trim of most of our packs.

Accessory Straps: 1" x 24"

We're often asked how to ties stuff onto our packs. Most of our packs have built-in compression straps that are perfect for cranking gear onto the pack, so that's a ready-made solution for many of our products. But the packs also have Padlock webbing in various locations, that let you add accessory compartments, or simply strap things on. We offer these 1" accessory straps as a way to easily lash on sleeping bags, pads, tents, etc. Approximately 24" long .Available in Dry Earth only.

Accessory Cordage w/ Draw-Lock

Accessory Cordage With Draw-Lock, 4-pack, Dry Earth. Good quality nylon line, approximately 5mm thick and 6 long. Useful for securing tents, tarps, etc. while in camp.

Ripcord II Tether
This is the Ripcord Tether, as sold with our X1A3 and other bowhunting backpacks, as well as with the ARCG ButtBucket kit. Use this as a replacement part for these, or as an upgrade from earlier style tethers. Available in Dry Earth only.

Strap Keepers
These handy elastic bands come in packs of five -- one for each of the main compression straps on our packs. They're a nice convenience item, to keep your pack looking tidy, and to organize any loose straps.

*Please note, the ACSE uses 38 mm buckles and are not compatible with the F1 Mainframe. For Mainframe extension straps you will want to use the ACSL accessory straps.