Don't Run - Ghost, Morale Patch

Item Number: ATL 6784
Your Price: $4.95

Patches are great for adorning your gear in a fun way. The Don’t Run Ghost PVC Morale Patch contains the phrase, “Don’t Run. You’ll Only Die Tired.” This lets everyone know that you are not someone who should be messed with. It also contains an image of a ghost insignia, which can be rather intimidating. If you want to let your enemies know that you are not to be messed with, then get yourself this morale patch right away. Chances are good that you will be going out into the field fairly often with this patch on your equipment, and fortunately, this patch is very easy to clean. It is a certainty that your uniform will get dirty, and all this patch needs is some water and soap, and it will look as good as new. It can attach to any loop surface, so there are plenty of places on your uniform where it can go.

  • 2.25” round patch
  • Hook backing

In order to let everyone know that running away from you is futile, you need to order this high-quality morale patch today.