Complete Portable Reloading Die Kit

Item Number: SCO RDK/37E
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 In order to reduce costs and maintain training efficiency, Sage Control Ordnance, Inc. has developed a complete set of reloading equipment for selected ammunition variants used in Sage SL-1 & SL-6 Launchers. Reloaded ammunition is well suited for training and non-personnel impact tactical employment. Sage Control Ordnance, Inc. recommends that only Factory Loaded Ammunition be used to impact any person.

  • Storm Case with special die cut foam kit to accommodate reloading die tools and component parts
  • Lee Hand Press
  • Hammer
  • Reloading Die Tools:
    • 37mm or 47mm Shell Holder
    • De-Priming Punch Guide and Punch
    • Cartridge Case Gauging Ring
    • Cartridge Case De-priming Base
37mm and 40mm