Tactical Tailor: Claymore Shoulder Bag Gen 2

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The original "claymore bag" was issued with the M18A1 Apers Mine ("Claymore") and was extremely popular as a general service satchel bag due to its versatility. It saw use as a range bag, shower kit/toiletries bag, rifle magazine bandolier, dump pouch and general stash and grab bag among dozens of other uses. Unfortunately, it was designed to be disposable (just like the mine) and the duck canvas it was made out of would either fall apart or rot after extended use. There have been "modernized" versions made since then but they all lacked the general utility, simplicity and versatility of the original claymore bag. Until now.

Inspired by the classic and venerable canvas claymore bag, this takes the classic design and modernizes it. Made out of 500-D Cordura, it now features an adjustable shoulder strap and hook & loop on the inside so you can attach your own hook & loop backed pouches (like the RRPS pouches) for organization. This bag retains everything that made the original bag great, while simultaneously improving upon and modernizing the design.