C-Level - Scope Reticle Leveling Tool

Item Number: ST C-LEVEL
Your Price: $23.95
The "C-Level" TM is a Simple, Practical Scope Reticle Leveling Tool that assists you in leveling the reticle of your scope when mounting it, and is made from aircraft grade aluminum.

To use the "C-Level," TM reduce the power to it's lowest setting, and remove any parallax that you can. Then locate a horizontal line such as the top of a wall or hand railing 15 yards or more in front of you.

Slide the magnet(s) of the "C-Level" TM in-between the slots of a Picatinny Rail or rest it on top of one of the two piece rail assembly. It's magnet(s) will hold it in place.

Once in place, align the top edge of the "C-Level" TM (either edge, which ever your eye likes as the top of the C-Level TM has a 2 degree slope machined into it) with the straight edge object in front of you. This could be a target frame, the top of a hand rail, a garage door; any object that has a straight edge to it.

Once the "C-Level" TM is aligned with a straight object, lock your rifle in place, look into your scope and align the horizontal stadia with the same straight object and tighten down the cap screws. Your reticle is now straight and level.

As the C-Level TM is on the same plane as the top of the receiver, the horizontal object doesn't have to be perfectly level, or level at all for that matter.. It just has to be straight.