BIP (Standard)

Item Number: SDI S-1000BIP
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The BIP (Standard) is designed to be fired from a 40mm riot launcher, which is the standard riot gun used by the military. Among police forces, there are both 40mm riot launchers and 37mm riot launchers, although the 40mm launcher is the emerging, global standard.

The BIP consists of a plastic casing which contains a smokeless powder as a propellant and a collapsible nose. The collapsible nose mushrooms upon impact to absorb some of the kinetic energy of the bullet and spread the impact of the nose over a larger area of the target. A round which increases in surface area on impact will cause less injury (as a result of a decrease in the depth of the energy dispersal) and more sensory nerves on the target will be stimulated (increasing the pain reception).

The body of the BIP is designed to cushion the impact by using a guide expander system that disperses the energy of the round. The BIP’s kinetic energy internal absorption system allows the projectile to be fired from a standard issue 40mm grenade launcher with greater kinetic energy while meeting generally recognized standard requirements over a target range from 2 meters to 80 meters.

SDI markets a modified version of the BIP that carries varied payloads and is based on the standard BIP. Payloads are released upon impact when hitting a targeted subject.

Each payload-carrying BIP has the same short and long distance capability (2m – 80m) as the standard BIP and each of them employs the same patented cushioning technology.