Badger Ordnance Custom Data Card Holder

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The Condition One / Hawk Hill Custom Data Card Holder is a collaborative effort to adapt the proven Hawk Hill Custom "RMD" or Rifle Mounted Data-Holder to the Condition One Modular mounts. It's flexible design with multi axis rotation allows target data and information to be easily viewed without changing shooting position. The RMD's rugged construction will hold up to the demands of competition shooting as well as the toughest hunting, field and combat conditions. Kydex panel easily folds away when not in use to prevent injury or snagging. It can be mounted on any C1 mount left/right fore/aft. It can be used in conjunction with and opposing other accessories or alone on the mount utilizing the provided standalone puck.

Included with product: 300 mil pvc card and marking pencil to write directly on card. Won't wash off in rain, but wipes away easily. Industrial strength velcro for attaching various objects to card. C1 Modular Mount Adapter and Standalone Puck