A.R.M.S. SWAN Sling

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The A.R.M.S.® SWAN® Sling [pat.pending] was designed from the ground up to meet the dynamic needs of today ´s tactical operators and law enforcement officers in every situation.
The initial prototype was born out of necessity and designed by an operator deployed as part of an elite assault force to both OEF (OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM) and OIF (OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM). This unique system was specifically engineered to provide the maneuverability of a single point sling with the stability of a dual point sling. The ability of this one sling to be reconfigured on the fly from a dual point to a single point without the need for additional hardware or complex rigging made it ideal for long patrols from the "Z" without compromising performance on the "X".
This unique system incorporates three points of adjustments to achieve the optimal fit regardless of the users size with our without equipment. The two primary adjustments can be set based on the users individual body type and the third, dynamic adjustment, can be used on the fly to adjust the current sling tension when used in the single-point or two-point configuration. The incorporation of a proprietary quad bungee system in the dynamically adjustable section of the sling ensures that the user can snug the sling down for maximum control and stability without ever losing the ability to bring the weapon to bear on a target or punch the weapon forward for a muzzle strike. The specific application of the bungee system on only the front/muzzle end of the sling also drastically reduces the weapons "bounce" normally associated with single point slings. This design ensures that nearly 75% of the weapons weight is supported by the fixed nylon webbing on the top/buttstock side of the sling while it is slung which virtually eliminates bounce during movement.
While positive retention and weapons stability are key design foundations for the A.R.M.S.® SWAN sling the QD version addresses the requirement for tactical operators to easily and rapidly release one or both connections points when complete freedom of movement is required. The solid metal Quick-Release hooks used to secure the sling to the weapon are the same type QD hooks used in a variety of safety equipment due to their inherent strength and reliability. The QD hooks are designed to hold securely under excessive loads and vibration yet release rapidly and efficiently when deliberately activated. The use of the QD hooks ensures that the user can easily release their weapon from the sling during vehicle operations, non standard shooting positions and during emergency egress situations without leaving any hardware behind on the weapon.
Additionally, during the development of the A.R.M.S.® Sling we never stopped thinking about the operator in the field who needs the ability to modify and/or repair equipment in the field without the luxury of industrial sewing machines. Even though the A.R.M.S.® Sling is built from the finest available components we realize that sometimes bad things happen to good gear. The A.R.M.S.® Sling was carefully and deliberately designed to allow the user in the field to replace all key components in minutes without any sewing equipment and without compromising the structural integrity of the system. In cases where the QD hooks are not required they can be easily removed allowing the existing fixed loop in front and adjustable loop in the rear to be used with standard rifle hardware.
  • Easily and quickly transitioned from dual point to single point configurations with no additional hardware
  • Dynamic adjustment allows for rapid cinching of the sling for maximum stability or controlled loosening for increased mobility.
  • QD attachment facilitates controlled sling release during vehicle ops, emergency egress or casualty evacuation.
  • Specifically designed to allow the key hardware to be repaired or replaced in the field without the need for sewing equipment.
  • Quad-Bungee system provides ideal amount of sling elasticity
  • The A.R.M.S.® SWAN sling is available in both the quick-disconnect (QD) model which includes the metal QD hooks and the traditional (T) model without the QD hooks for use with user provided attaching hardware or as a standard dual point sling with milspec M-4/M-16 hardware.

The SWAN® Sling sets the standard for versatility and individual customization. The Quick Disconnect (QD) version is ready to go out of the box to work with many modern combat M4 configurations. The Traditional (T) version can be used with standard M4/M16 hardware or in a hybrid configuration with nearly any attaching device and/or custom furniture.

This item or some of it's components cannot be exported from the United States of America.
US Military APO Addresses exempt.