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The Angle Cosine Indicator is a simple tool for shooters in mountainous terrain or MOUT conditions where the Operator can be faced with targets at high or low angles. It is a quiet vault solid precision instrument, made from aircraft grade aluminum, which is anodized in a black color. The ACI is completely compatible with the Mildot Master and ballistic software, as the cosine numbers are laser engraved onto the body in five-degree increments. Battle-proven and in use by the US Marine Corps, MCMWTC, US Army Special Forces, US Air Force, US Navy, US Border Patrol, British Special Forces, Canadian Special Forces, Australian SAS, LE, hunters, and many others.

The ACI works on any shoulder-mounted weapon system and with just about any optics. When the weapon is held at an angle, the ACI indicates the cosign number of that angle by means of a highly visible index mark. The cosign number is then multiplied to the "established range" (straight line distance to target), which gives you the corrected-for-gravity distance.

The “Mil Spec” ACI is a vault solid, water proof precision instrument; (as per Military Specs) quiet and made from aircraft grade aluminum, which is anodized in a flat black color.

There are several ways to mount the device. One way is to utilize a short, Weaver base scope ring, which is mounted onto the scope tube at 90 degrees. Another way is to utilize a Badger Ordnance mount designed to attach to a picantinny rail. The mount works on all day and most night scopes.

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