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L5AWM Extended Basepad
Increase magazine capacity and improve reloading efficiency with Lancer L5AWM +6 Extended Basepads

  • Increases L5AWM capacity by (6) six rounds
  • Optimized for use with original magazine spring
  • Speeds up reloads by increasing magazine drop efficiency
  • Installs in seconds; no additional tools or permanent modifications required
  • CNC machined from 6061 aluminum; anodized and laser engraved
  • Compatible with all standard capacity L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazines®
  • Designed, tooled, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

L5AWM Floor Plate Kit 3-Pack
Lancer Systems L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazine Floorplate Kit, Black. This kit includes 3 black floorplates without drain holes. These polymer floor plates are for Lancer L5AWM 5.56x45mm, .223 Rem., and .300 Blackout magazines. These floorplates are commonly replaced as they get damaged when dropped onto the ground during tactical reloads. Replace your worn floorplates, or change the color with these OEM replacements from Lancer.

L5AWM 5-Round Limiting Floorplate
Crafted from high-impact polymer with a special floor plate lock, these factory magazine stops will convert your 10-round AR-10 magazines into 5-rounders for use when hunting. Combining a hybrid design with a host of desirable features designed in-house, Lancer’s Advanced Warfighter Magazines (L5AWM) deliver reliable feeding and rugged, all-weather construction. Lancer accessories help customize your L5AWM magazines for maximum performance suited to your tasks. These 5-round floor plate lock/stops can be installed or uninstalled in about a minute, simply by removing the baseplate of your magazine and slipping the stop inside the magazine body.

L5AWM Magazine Cinch Coupler

  • The Lancer Magazine Coupler was developed for the L5, L5A and L5AWM Translucent Magazines.
  • The Coupler was designed to match the unique contours of the polymer body and align with the molded ribs ensuring the magazines are aligned and held securely without obscuring the view of the rounds.
  • The Lancer magazine Cinch can also be used with USGI Aluminum and Steel Magazines.
  • Sig MPX X-Cinch Mag Coupler

Sig MPX X-Cinch Mag Coupler
The X-Cinch provides a handy way to speed up reloads and increase capacity on the SIG MPX. Engineered to engage the magazines with locking ribs for increased stability and adjust-ability.

  • Locking ribs designed to mate with magazine texture to provide secure fit
  • Constructed from a highly-durable reinforced nylon
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.

This item or some of it’s components cannot be exported from the United States of America without a valid export permit from the U.S. State Dept. Unfortunately this does include APO addresses due to ITAR restrictions. Additionally, these are restricted in California, Washington, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Massachusetts.

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