BPI: (ASR) Active Shooter Response Vest.

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When a threat situation escalates, simply don the ASR Plate Carrier over your existing Body Armor and immediately upgrade your protection if you have hard armor plates inserted into the vest. The carrier accepts 10" x 12" Level IV (Shooter's Cut) hard armor plates and offers multiple design features. *Plates Not included*

Active Shooter Response (ASR) Plate Carrier 

MOLLE plate carrier is made of heavy-duty nylon. Carrier has maximum MOLLE webbing so you can customize the vest with multiple pouches.

  • One size fits most
  • Specially padded inserts behind the plates give the wearer added comfort
  • Front and rear plates provide protection against rifle and handgun threats *Plates Not included*
  • Emergency drag strap on the rear of the carrier
  • Side and shoulder straps are adjustable
  • Four buckles make it easy to don/doff; adjustable straps -fit most users
  • Shooter’s cut design

Active Shooter Response II (ASR-II) Plate Carrier with Cumberbun


  • Double Rifle and Double Pistol Pouch 
  • Tourniquet Pouch *Tourniquet Not Included*