38 Special 77gr ARX Self-Defense, Box of 20

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ARX Preferred Defense 38 Special 77gr

The Inceptor ARX is revolutionary in the truest sense of the word. From the way it’s manufactured, to its shape, to the way it transfers energy to the target. Inceptor ARX projectiles are injection-molded from a specially blended polymer-copper matrix that is designed to be tough enough for an all-purpose defense round.

Unlike hollow points which must expand to achieve their desired terminal effect, non-expanding Inceptor ARX projectiles are designed and proven to provide consistent terminal performance. Even the heaviest clothing barriers have little to no effect on the performance of the ARX bullet; it penetrates straight until it encounters soft tissue. Upon entering soft tissue, the specially designed grooves in the nose harness soft tissue and constrict, pressurize and eject it at 1.5 to 2 times the directional speed of the bullet. This is the well-known Venturi Effect. As the bullet penetrates, it tumbles in a controlled, predictable fashion that delivers consistent terminal performance, rivaling conventional hollow-point designs.

Inceptor ARX Preferred Defense rounds have a round nose profile and are designed to function in all weapons, including large-frame handguns, carbines and automatic weapons. Due to its light weight, the Inceptor ARX has a low-recoil signature, allowing for quicker on-target follow-up shots in critical defense situations.

  • Caliber:  38 Special
  • Weight:  77gr
  • Case Type:  Reloadable Brass
  • Muzzle Velocity:  1260 fps
  • Muzzle Energy:  271 ft. lbs.
  • Quantity:  20 rounds

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