28oz Bottle with Filter

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ou shouldn’t have to settle for either poor quality tap water or overpriced bottled water. And now you don’t have to.

Our bottle instantly filters up to 99.99% of all freshwater contaminants. What that means is you can fill up not just from the tap, but from lakes, rivers, streams or any running freshwater source.

It’s super easy to use, lasts longer and is 100% BPA free.

Your health should be your #1 priority, and since water makes up almost 75% of our bodies we should be concerned about what’s in our water.

With Clearly Filtered you don’t have to worry, you can trust that it’s safe to drink every time.

Start drinking better, healthier and cleaner water today.

*Bottle can be squeezed to draw water through straw*

Filters typically last the average user 100 gallons (or 6 months use) and are replaceable.

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