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Sniper Target Folder

Your Price: $37.00
Item Number: SOT STF-CB
Manufacturer: S.O. Tech

An Intel center right on your forearm, ready to access while on the long rifle.

In today’s conflicts, it is becoming increasingly important to confirm target information and facts prior to taking action. The S.O.TECH Target Folder (STF) is the answer for needing Intel in the field. With a Target Folder, you have Scope dope can be kept on the exterior, but unzip the folder, and you have (2) windows where you can store pictures, maps, radio frequencies, or even E & E info behind the windows.

Compare to competitive products and you'll see that we do not use Velcro™ to secure it closed. This was specifically avoided since most direct action occurs at night, and it would be ill advised to alert your target to your presence in the pre-dawn hours with Velcro™ sounds.

Exclusive to the S.O.TECH Target Folder is its ability to be used in the dark by using a Cyalume® chem light, which inserts into the fold and is held in place by elastic loops. Side blinders keep the light contained and limits being a target indicator. Adjustable arm straps allow versatility in any environment — can be used on a sunny day with just a T-shirt on or a snowy day on top of a heavy jacket.

Made in the USA